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“Makeup Beauty Course Chandigarh Professional Academy for Makeup, Skin and Hair Training: Kushlyn International Beauty Academy organization that has delivered Nationally Recognized Skill Training in Certificate, Advanced Diploma in various fields. We offer new and flexible ways to give our students an exciting learning experience. Our courses are focused on Makeup Beauty Course Chandigarh,practical experience delivered by highly educated and experienced trainers.”

Kushlyn International Beauty Academy is a makeup salon based in the city of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar. For the brides everywhere throughout the world, their big day is one of the most unique occasions which they restlessly anticipate for and wish for all the flawlessness to imbibe in even the minutes of the details about their wedding day. So if you are searching for a salon that has a team of skilled experts who can take into account each beauty need of yours and provide you with an impressive makeover and make you look wonderful then your search can end with them.

Services Offered

They can give you a variety of services to explore, every one of which would be aimed towards ensuring that you get your princess like a makeover in a matter of seconds and mesmerise every single guest of yours. With their base in the city, the gifted team of Kushlyn International Beauty Academy can travel anywhere within the city and outside to offer their services and guarantee that you as well as your loved ones look perfect and flawless consistently.

Kushlyn International Beauty Academy can also provide trials to provide the first-hand experience of their talent and skill. The range of services which they can offer you for your wedding include the following:

  • HD Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Hairstyling
  • Nail extensions
  • Garment draping

Getting Started for Beginner

Beauty catches eyeballs and attracts the soul!

Beauty catches eyeballs and attracts the soul! With the prompt increase in the beauty industry, plausible options are available for pro artists. To grab those, to become one of those professionals with ‘zero’ basic knowledge, we welcome you for this certificate course at our cosmetology school!


Course Offers


Certificate in Beauty Culture & Hair Designing trains you to establish yourself as hair designer or beauty and skin practised. To stand uncommon, all you need is to walk an extra mile. For that, we would help you to get 100% perfect applications of beauty products and impressive hairstyles. This course covers the techniques, making the base ready with the use and management of beauty products.


The course also encompasses the basic hair designing allowing to discern about hair and hair products like the anatomy of hair and scalp, hair texture, shampoo and conditioning, latest hairstyle tools knowledge, head massage to name a few. You will achieve the level of knowing the basic usage of products which would help you to kick start your career.


The girls aspiring to begin a journey as a pro hair designer or in beauty culture must not give a second thought and enroll themselves. Certificate in this course would be truly valuable and let you aware about every aspect of the hair aspect. Hair designing has become prominent in a recent couple of years and has way long in the future.


Kushlyn Ticket


To train yourself in Certificate in Beauty Culture & Hair Designing, Kushlyn International Beauty Academy surpasses all in varied tricks, the best application of products, and how to become a pro at your work. You will get the most exceptional beauty background people and hair stylist professionals.


Our courses are a concrete mixture of theory and practical enabling trainees to empower with advancements of beauty, hair, and skin.




You don’t require any professional training to join the course as no prior experience is essential. Moreover, the course will turn you master in 90 days, and you can start working in the beauty industry. The pro mentors will keep an eye on every practical task to ensure smooth learning.


To widen the knowledge horizons, come and meet us once and we will clarify the persisting doubts. We have 100% success rate in our courses, and learners of our academy have their ventures earning fantastically. Do you want to be one?


Come, lets’ set off a beauty journey!

When you adore your hair so much, don’t you think they need extra care, some extra attention? If you think alike, crave to ground yourself in about hair designing and think to gather some knowledge, then you spotted the right place!

Kushlyn Academy is accessible to all those who aspire to become hair designers and desire to learn out of the box. To get out of the comfort zone and to enter the aesthetic zone, we propose a chance of great beauty learning to aspirants. As beauty courses are rampant these days, so it is better to strive for the best.

Course Detail

This course will offer more than you think or know!

Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing will offer you detailed knowledge from top to bottom and a chance to become a pro. Learners could grab an opportunity to be acquainted with haircut techniques, hairstyles, skin treatment, facials, and many more. Variety of techniques, the anatomy of hair and scalp, hair care with different products as well as treatment of hair fall, loss, and dandruff are incorporated in this course.

From the basic level to become pro, Kushlyn International Beauty Academy will assist you the best. The transformation in your hair care familiarity, the grooming techniques bestows a golden opportunity to be an expert of hair.  Aesthetics and hair design course is distributed at various levels where multiple professionals of this field will train you.

Knowing the hair textures, smoothening, therapies and hairdos with the usage of all modern tools can embellish your personality as well. Learners would come across Henna Application, Trendy Hair Settings, Hair Extension, Chemical Application, Hair Designing and Amazing Hair Tattooing.

Looking at the current scenario and upcoming time would proffer a variety of career options to aesthetics and hair designers. The beauty arena is a never-ending platform where every day updating techniques will serve you with a chance to aspire more.

Kushlyn Benefits

  • Best infrastructure for your course
  • Well trained and expert staff
  • More practical than theory
  • Countless trials for practice
  • Proper detailing of the course content
  • Advanced classes for special tips


The academy provides an opportunity to reckon your name as a hair expert. Every single itsy-bitsy information linked to aesthetics and hair designing is clarified in the best possible way. Not only this but to your surprise, the final practice runs on designing models and concerning with fashion millennial.


Let the advanced diploma make your knowledge subtle!

When your skin is treated well, beauty itself glows like a flower!


Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology is a beneficial course for all those who already possess the basic knowledge of the anatomy of skin and makeup. This course polishes the basic techniques owned by the learners in an earlier course and would way them to become a specialist. It entails all the learning of hair colouring, hair designs, haircuts, makeup, grooming classes, nail techniques, face details, and much more.


With the exposition of cosmetology, great numbers of people are showing keen interest to learn. Gradually with time, extensive options in cosmetology ensure it to become fascinating and exploring field. It brings myriad choices for the trainees in the future, extending them employment as a makeup artist, as hairstylist et cetera.


Course Features


Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology by far is an amazing possibility to get in the beauty industry and discover the aspects of beauty with your tint. For students to empower some more, they will familiarise themselves with facials, personal hygiene, grooming, waxing, manual facial for different skin types and knowledge of products.


Your course concept includes nail training course entailing nail extension, nail care, nail disorders, and nail products. The advanced techniques and professional guidance brings enhancement in your learning and makes you aware of every concept eventually.


The learners undergo a process of training as well as have to demonstrate their practices on demos. The course endows a chance to learn meticulously and bring into action like an expert.


Kushlyn Benefits to Learners


Get yourself trained by the experts at Kushlyn International Beauty Academy, where the course becomes interesting in a highly professional environment. Trainees attain a maximum of practical and some theoretical pedagogy. Besides, special classes by experts bring a chance to sort your queries and learn the unknown things.


Every single day will unveil a novel practice channelized for eight months and a maximum of 385 hours in advanced diploma. Trainees take the best advantage of getting trained in this course and pave their way for something new.


Being wavered would only waste your time, and keeping queries in mind will hardly make you certain about concepts. Just come to our beauty academy and let us bring transparent solutions in front.


For any queries, get in contact with Kushlyn beauty academy, and we would be happy to help you. Get your enrolments done soon to secure your seat!


Cosmetology presents a significant number of wellness and beauty options to the young aspirers who desire to explore in this field.  Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology is one of the options to understand the basic to the professional level of therapies including skin, hair, and health. The breakthrough in this course would open abundant career options in front.

PGDC offers the basic to advanced level of knowledge about skin, hygiene factors and sanitation, and analysing the impact of microbes. Learners will start the pitch of learning by the techniques of basic things such as facial, cleansing, bleach, and progress towards discerning manicures, pedicures, and hair removal methodology. The course will feed the ultimate ways of beauty treatment like chemical peels, high-frequency treatment, glycolic, disincrustation, skin structure, and skincare planning.

Course Offers

Learners attain a chance to comprehend the anatomy of scalp, hair, the basic structure of hair with shampoo, head massage, and conditioning. These things would escort your way to a deep dive of knowing styling practices such as rolling, curling, waving, and much more amazing techniques. The course will even cater trainees with hair treatments, coloring ways, and breakthrough in haircuts. To become a hair pro, the difference between male and female hair coloring is in-depth taught.

Other hair treatments like hair loss, spas, dandruff cure are even a part of this PG Diploma in cosmetology. Every minuscule detail of hair treatment, styles, and styling is covered in this specialised course. Another interesting learning includes makeup options for the trainees ensuring to train for makeup for different occasions. To ace this profession, professional makeup skills, and every basic to advanced technique are provided.

The course comprises Body and Spa therapies where trainees comprehend various muscular, human skeleton, and lymphatic systems. The spa therapy would cover the history of spa, types of spa, hygiene, and sanitation, vacuum suction treatments, scrub and polishing, diverse level of massages.

Also, trainees acquire a chance to learn nail industry incorporating the practice of nail structure, nail products and ingredients, nail art, file, cut, and technical qualities.

Special Features

The 15 months course will enrich the cosmetology values making its way to a great number of beauty career options. Every single day you will be closure to your dream and enhance your knowledge with different yet exciting ways to beautify the personality.

The course is specifically designed to cater all the hair, skin, and spa techniques to make you an ace cosmetologist.

Don’t you see yourself as a makeup artist who performs all makeups professionally? Are you willing to work on your own without being under the pressure of someone? Then, why don’t you step yourself to the doorway of makeup artist, where learning once can make your career lucrative for long?

Everyone around knows the prevalent makeup industry empowering every field in one or the other way. This art has become salient with instantaneous changes around. To be a part of this glam, and glitz life, to keep yourself ready to face this world, you need to learn the art of make-up. The breakthrough in the beauty industry would provide you plenty of opportunities, and a chance to update yourself timely.

Course Information

The course at Kushlyn International Beauty Academy delivers a gateway to study about tools of the trade, product and base theory, color grading as per features, understanding makeup tools, and makeup looks. Gradually, you will possess knowledge about foundation theory, color segmentation, and develop know-how about different faces.

Art of Make-up course would let you try hands-on:

  • Base knowledge
  • Makeup application
  • Party look
  • Corrective Makeup
  • Self-makeup
  • Cleaning makeup
  • Finishing to skin with makeup


Career Ticket by Course


Once you are accustomed to the course, you would be confident to choose a career in this field. Ticket to employment is guaranteed by the art of make-up course where a determination can bring profitable results. The trained faculty ensures to guide every tit-bit of the course to the learners.


Opportunity at Kushlyn


Kushlyn Academy trains the amateur minds by transforming them into professionals. Learners of our academy surely get a placement as they hit upon their favorite jobs. We help to incorporate all the requisite skills during the art of make-up course.


To be a part of this course, the beginners need to be only 10th pass or above and has to employ their 90 hours of the month to learn the tricks of makeup. The course is well-suited to the passionate hearts of makeup and desire to reckon their name as a makeup artist.


Art of make-up is not a cup of tea for everyone, but the passionate and competent students like you are definitely going to take benefit from Kushyln academy by joining this course. For any information, directly reach to us and ask about the information.


Let’s discuss art! Let’s discuss beauty!

Do you like mascara eyes? Are you in love with the different brushes swaying your beauty to make an appearance more glamorous? Then, you must even adore the shaded eyes in combination with your attire? Usually, these all are fascinations to a makeup artist. A makeup stylist has magic in hands and creativity in mind. They contour your face in a way which adds colors to the beauty.

Learning beauty is not everyone desires, but those who aspire, they make the runway on fire. To be a master of makeup, the anatomy of face and skin is crucial. Trainees undergo various challenges and channelize their knowhow to become an expert. Certificate in Professional makeup flourishes your knowledge and bestow a chance to move one step ahead than you know.

Through the course, trainees would possess knowledge about skin types and related problems. Having familiarity with the face and skin types would benefit makeup artist to work on the skin better and endure every challenge. Over on that, learners require comprehending the psychology of the client and have to present themselves confidently.

One month course benefits the trainee by bringing different clients to work on and make them contented. Different styling of eyes, the colouring of eyes, lip shapes, fantasy makeup, party makeup, bridal, cheek makeup theory, and some secret tips you can attain in this course. The things you would learn are:

  • Tone of skin
  • Makeup contouring
  • Advance eye makeup
  • Makeup tools
  • Effect of light on makeup
  • Understanding different requirements
  • Blend of products


Kushlyn International Beauty Academy offers the certification course in professional makeup, allowing you to build your career as a makeup artist. The course empowers learners with theoretical pedagogy and practical techniques to succeed in the profession. Professional course enriches your knowledge and techniques of the makeup.


The canvas of face depends on the applied makeup and methods of using the products, analyzing every part properly, and then working on it. Art of the makeup grows in those who water it with practice. So just be the one and kick start the career in professional makeup.


Kushlyn Academy prevail the beauty industry and assists in fulfilling the dreams of the makeup artists. Once spent time in learning would offer fruitful results in the future. If any doubt persists, feel free to contact our beauty academy, and we will make your way smooth.


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